Robert La Roche: New Collection

Robert La Roche presented five new models during the MIDO in Milan. Every single model meets the high claim of Robert La Roche to unify timeless beauty with present- day asthetics and modern manufacturing techniques. The five new models provide classic shapes. Tender, light and matted shades give a simultaneous icy-frosty but gentle warm mood. Due to sophisticated cutting and polishing, the classic shades receive a Chameleon-effect: Depending on the light exposure, shades change softly. The finest acetate from Italy has been processed in the highest craftsmanship centers possible. Rivets with dark brass metal logo plaque, silicon coated screws and hinges, an extraordinary short trommel polish and a manual finish, anatomic facets – every single elaborate detail essential for the Robert La Roche eyewear collection. “The five new acetate models complete the current collection”, says Klaus Huber. “And they all reveal the high requirement of Robert La Roche: to design extraordinary but always suitable eyewear for eyewear aficionados.”




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