Rodenstock: A name that is plainly synonymous with spectacles in Germany. 135 years of tradition, experience and the associated know-how have made Rodenstock into one of the most important manufacturers of high-tech lenses and frames. Here, Rodenstock is the only brand to supply “spectacles from a single source” as a complete provider, and that is the case in more than 80 countries worldwide. That is because Rodenstock has what others do not have: a comprehensive “System of Better Vision” that provides everything opticians and spectacles wearers need. This includes a frame to match the wearer’s type, continues with a variety of lenses, support for consulting, refraction, ordering and sales up to the perfect after-sales service

Rodenstock manufactures spectacles exclusively according to the highest standards and German engineering skill. This claim is also the basis for innovations when developing spectacles. The best quality is always guaranteed not only by the use of high-quality materials for every component, every frame and every lens, but also by the creation of perfectly shaped designs.

Rodenstock spectacles are more than just vision aids. They are characterised by high-quality lenses, perfect functionality, premium materials and design expertise.
In addition, particularly thin and light lenses guarantee incomparable wearing comfort. The interplay of handcrafted perfection and a balanced design make each individual Rodenstock spectacles into a true masterpiece.

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