Rodenstock’s „Kantsch“ – inspired by the pioneering spirit of mountaineering of the ‘70s


Rodenstock presents Kantsch” – sunglasses inspired by the pioneering spirit of mountaineering of the 70s

Rodenstock spectacles passed the endurance test in the ‘70s on the roof of the world. At that time, sunglasses and glacier glasses were part of the equipment of extreme mountaineers when conquering 8,000 metre peaks, which was also the case for the so-called Kantsch expedition in 1975. Inspired by the sunglasses of mountain climber legends, the company is presenting the reinterpretation of the “Kantsch” sunglasses.

Cool types, cooler style, cool spectacles – the members of the German-Austrian “Kantsch” expedition in the Himalayas relied on spectacles from Rodenstock at that time to protect their eyes against UV radiation and external influences.

The sunglasses inspired by the spectacles of the top mountaineers can now be found in the current Rodenstock collection – and once again exude the desire for adventure. Pilot shapes meet fine sides, and here the frame is made completely of titanium. The “Kantsch” is available in four colours and two lens shapes. Depending on the model variant, it is equipped with contrast-enhancing or Polaroid sunglasses lenses.


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