Rolf: Camaro Sun

“Woah!!” and “Whaaat?!” were some of the startled reactions when we unveiled the ROLF Camaro Sun from its case. No doubt about it: these shades just HAVE to be photographed! But was it too late in our editorial process?! All pages for this issue were already done, the printers standing by for final sign-off. Should we simply send the wooden frames back to obscurity? No way! These masterpieces of wood-crafting ingenuity were just too pretty to pass up for the current issue. Ultimately, all it took was some re-shuffling on the backend: Move an advertisement page to next issue, book a photographer and model for a weekend photo shoot, pack up the shades and express them to the studio.

Well, it sure was worth the effort. The ROLF Camaro is just as powerful as its Chevrolet-manufactured namesake, with many design nods to the iconic 1960s muscle car. The legendary 330HP sports car with the pony logo and 6.5 liters of cylinder capacity was never meant for stepping lightly – but for letting her rip with the fastest quarter mile acceleration on the market at the time. In the same manner, these glasses from the Tyrol region pack a heavy punch, with a design language that’s large, massive and clear at the same time. Meanwhile, the temples are slightly set back, while the individual wood layers are crafted at maximum precision. A real beauty, and a worthy winner of this issue’s Design Award!


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