SALT. adds core values and timeless branding

California lifestyle brand SALT. has always been dedicated to timeless style and carefully appointed details. Every pair of glasses is 100% Made in Japan from the finest materials and built to provide utmost optical quality and comfort. For instance, the use of mono-block acetate allows for ‘carving’ the nose pads out of the same substrate than the frame, eliminating the need for added components (which can break). The rivets and pins on SALT. glasses are also not just for show but adjusting and repairing the frame over time.

Operating from the same focus on longevity, SALT. also created a permanent method of branding their frames, quite literally: The SALT. Heat Stamp is not glued or printed onto the frames but embossed forever.

While it is a very subtle detail, the ethos behind SALT. is that we’re making something to last for a very long time. Our style, materials, and eyewear are not disposable, and are meant to be passed down through generations. We want to make sure that decades from now our name is still proudly embossed on our frames,” said Trevor Dylan Kelley. With this in mind, it’s worth taking a close look at the finer details of SALT. eyewear, knowing that they can be enjoyed for years to come.

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SALT. is also available on FAVR, go check it out!

Long-lasting products that can be repaired during their lifetime are certainly refreshing in a disposable consumer society. Now SALT. is doubling down on the long-term focus with the new C1 – 21 eyewear collection. Standout details include Custom Core Wire inserts in the temples, designed to change with each colorway.

As the SALT. design team told us: “The SALT. Core Wire was designed to change with each different acetate color that it is paired with. This provides a range of unique stylings, from bold to discoverable,” said Trevor Dylan Kelley, Product Line Manager at SALT. Optics, adding: “Every detail of a SALT. frame has been designed to represent the identity and ethos of our brand and is then hand finished by skilled craftsmen.”

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