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Y’all remember how we did the coupling in school? Hannah + Paul = ♥. Well, we kinda could do the same thing with SALT. and AETHER. The well known Californian, nature loving brand SALT. teamed up with the top-tier technical outerwear specialist AETHER. Merging their expertise, they’ve created an absolutely striking limited-edition of unisex sunglasses – the »Scout« and the »Explorer«.

Then as now, we obviously asked ourselves what has brought the two lovebirds together. In case of SALT. and AETHER we wondered, what the source of inspiration and therefore the purpose of their special collection might be. The short answer is: Motorcycle inspired and being prepared for the world, especially when you’re engaging in fast activities.

»Scout« and »Explorer« were created to give the wearer the highest comfort and optical clarity while doing some fast in-your-face activities like motorcycling. But don’t you worry, no need to become a motorcycle rider now. The two designs are sleek enough to be worn by anyone, anytime.

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Let’s quickly go through the details, that make both frames remarkable and outstanding: The entire frame is constructed out lightweight, beta-titanium and has nearly unbreakable temples. Those are flexible enough to be easily taken on and off while wearing a helmet. The titanium nose pads help to keep the glasses in place, providing a comfortable, secure fit that requires little-to-no adjustment while in movement. Furthermore, both designs offer a perforated side shield made out of a lightweight cellulose propionate with just enough airflow to mitigate fogging and prevent tearing. For safety reasons, the lens is completely shatter resistant – conventional lenses wouldn’t hold up under high impact. Last but not least, the wearer can chose between a combination of polarized and photochromic or mirror lenses. The combination provides an adaption to varying light conditions, while the mirror lenses have a scratch-proof coating that increases glare blockage.  The lenses are available in a total of four colorways.


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