SALT. is an acronym for Sea, Air, Land & Timeless. True to its name, the California eyewear label draws inspiration from the effortless beauty of nature that is an endless source of shapes, details, and colorways for new designs. In this issue’s collection shoot, the latest styles from SALT. eyewear get the fashion treatment on the Spanish island of Ibiza courtesy of photographer Sabine Liewald’s vision, supplemented by models dressed in all white by stylist Martina Nelles.

03 Ridgeway Tea_MG_0201

SALT. is about to celebrate its tenth brand anniversary this coming year. The rather young label is headquartered in Costa Mesa, a short drive South of Los Angeles, and has built a reputation for blending California lifestyle with Japanese craftsmanship. For the folks behind SALT. the California lifestyle connection not only means an easy-going attitude, but also a strong bond with all things nature. Pretty much all employees are into outdoors activities, and the company’s structure reflects the connections between micro- and macrocosm in the natural world. Everything is connected; everything is part of a network. There are no hierarchies, every single person on the team plays an important part. Every single one! At SALT., it’s all about team work. There is not one owner or two owners, as the company values team work over personal egos. There are also no investors to feed with results at the end of a year; so no chasing quick profits for the sake of statistics. What a breath of fresh air… All of this affords SALT. the freedom to take risks and manage a healthy business.

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The same kind of open-minded approach applies to defining SALT.’s customer base. Although the glasses are a major success among fashion designers, actors, and creative types, the brand maintains that there is no typical SALT. customer: “SALT. is a brand for anyone who appreciates simple things made well.”

This statement also sums up the philosophy behind the two collections designed by David Rose every year. Constantly inspired by the beauty of nature, the frames are designed to be universal and timeless, true to SALT.’s moniker. Trends come and go, but SALT. is banking on enduring values in their sunglasses and prescription models; with the current spread between the two currently at a solid 40/60. But make no mistake, timeless consistency does not equal boring or complacent – just the opposite. For proof, look no further than the 18 new models about to launch in Fall of 2015, perfectly encapsulating the SALT. essence and fashion-forward design aesthetic with an emphasis on longevity.

The SEA, the AIR, the LAND and the TIMELESS connections between human beings and the elements are SALT.’s key inspirational components.
The dot (.) at the end is the symbol of timelessness, the round face of a watch without the pointers.

05 Scout_MG_3245

Speaking of fashion, for its very first collaboration project, SALT. has chosen a label that shares the same passion for nature. Together with AETHER, a brand known for top-tier technical outerwear, the Southern California-based company collaborated on two frame styles; the SCOUT and the EXPLORER, initially designed with motorcycle riders in mind. The lightweight, beta-titanium frames are extremely flexible, while windshields and an extended frame-top reduce wind flow and peripheral sunlight by more than 80%, also shielding the eyes from UV-rays. Overall, the two new frames are perfect for all outdoor activities that involve speed and free-flowing motion. At the same time, they are just as much at home on a wild bike ride as on a casual stroll through the city. Their fashion appeal is probably one of the reasons why the first run of models from this powerful brand synergy immediately sold out after barely hitting the market.

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