Sashee Schuster – Daddycated

The idea – or better yet, the philosophy – behind the “Sashee Schuster” collection is relatively simple: Everyone has a father. And the collection designed by Sashee Schuster is dedicated to her father, who passed away in 1997. His name was Rupert.

Sashee Schuster had always been impressed by her father’s style and choice of outfits. Especially his passion for wearing glasses has left a deep impression. Plus the fact, that Rupert had already put together a sizable collection of different glasses by the 1950s, which he would like to wear for all kinds of occassions in combination with a wide variety of outfits. Ultimately, the glasses worn by Rupert Schuster were perfectly suited for a 21st century interpretation. So in 2007, Sashee Schuster began reconstructing the first samples for her initial collection based on photographs. In Fall 2008, she premiered the first pieces at optics tradeshow Silmo in Paris. The final results are available now – three years later – in what shapes up to be a very classic, harmonious line-up. Designed in the small town of Kinsau, 80 kilometres Southwest of Munich.

Here are a couple of pieces from the collection:

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