Staying true to their authentic culture and inherent curiosity, Scotch & Soda hunt high and low for unique treasures, and not only in the fashion business… The brand’s design philosophy is to surprise and delight while sharing the love for discovery, and you will find unexpected charms in this debut eyewear offering with plenty of choices to cherish.

The Amsterdam born brand, which began as a menswear label, has since become a globally recognised name, extending to womenswear and accessories. The debut eyewear collection comprises sunglasses and optical frames and is made up of three key ranges – Essential reliable pieces with a twist, Aspirational models reflecting the brand’s look and feel, and unique Pinnacle treasures. Let’s dig in…

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Part of the Eyewear tale is the frame SS5003 MIAMI, an Aspirational piece telling the story of discovery and eclecticism. The tequila sundown themed gradient lenses are enhanced by the geometric shape and the same thin, super-light temples.

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Here’s another frame featuring a thrilling mix of materials with wonderfully crafted detailing. The hexagonal shape and fine golden rim adds a lot of value and elegance to this silhouette.

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Find out More here.

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