Shining a Light on VYCOZ

There’s something brewing in South Korea’s high-tech hub Seoul, in the form of the up-and-coming eyewear brand VYCOZ. Even as a young brand, VYCOZ encapsulates many of the expected traits from an emerging label in the industry: functional, minimalistic, and stylish. It’s a seamless blend of ingenious craftsmanship and contemporary design.


The mastermind behind this upcoming brand, Jeong Byeong-Jae, charted his path into the optical industry as an optician and gained invaluable experience working for a company that specialized in importing and distributing European eyewear brands. The exposure to various design DNAs from European brands sparked his creativity, encouraging him to envision and craft unique designs for VYCOZ.

VYCOZ sprang to life in a tiny office in 2013, fueled by Jeong’s 12-year-long journey in the optical industry and his commitment to building his own eyewear design. From humble beginnings to the present, VYCOZ has upheld a simple yet profound brand philosophy: “Light & Comfortable.” With Jeong’s unique perspective as an optician, CEO, designer, and glasses-wearer, the brand strives to deliver designs that define comfort for the wearer.

Proudly standing as a screwless eyewear brand, VYCOZ is a pioneering force in South Korea. It has made a profound impact on the industry by not only creating exceptional eyewear but also developing a sales manual and a tool to train opticians in assembling and fitting glasses, reinforcing the brand’s leadership in the industry.

The BASS model enchants with a unique charm of a curved upper rim and a flat lower rim.
GASS transforms the intellectual atmosphere of the wearer with its divine silhouette and ash-colored sheet.
PASS, a square shaped eyewear model-but rounded on edges-, strikes a balance between softness and sturdiness.

Moving into the technical realm, VYCOZ works mainly with metal materials, including stainless steel to beta titanium, ensuring durability and elasticity in every frame. The brand also applies for and receives one to three patents each year, innovating features that aid both glasses-wearers and retailers. The core of VYCOZ’s design DNA lies in their unique hinge design, a quintessential feature that makes VYCOZ eyewear distinguishable. Complementing the hinge design are minimal and modern aspects like the front shape and the temple shape. The newest frames pictured here are no exception.


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