i-spax: Warren

It’s all about intrinsic values


Eyewear is all about our perception. And perception is always a matter of perspective – a personal viewpoint, if you will. Plus, people not only want to see well through their specs, they also want to look good wearing them, from any angle and perspective. To cover this multi-facetted view, our new column “Point of View” will take a close look at select eyewear models from numerous perspectives. Let’s start off with the Warren model by i-spax. Why? It’s a prime candidate for close inspection, after all, the Italian acetate looks great from up-front with a clear design language, while the side and inside views present an elegant blend of shapes and colors. By pleasing the eyes of outside observers with stylish design features, the glasses almost disappear. As you can see: True beauty really shines from the inside, and good eyewear styles are really a matter of perspective – although not one of opinion.


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