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Serenity – the state of being calm, peaceful, and untroubled – is a precious good these days. Because with a sense of calm and inner peace, even the most challenging circumstances in life can be met appropriately. That holds true for both private and business pursuits. In professional life, serenity is more than just a state of mind or attitude. Attaining serenity in a business setting is actually hard work. After all, remaining calm in the business world requires a certain sense of resilience; a talent for enduring even the most adverse situations unscathed. For proof that cultivating a thick skin is a priority in our current day and age, just consider the past year. From the perspective of independent opticians, 2020 brought plenty of adversity: Including business lockdowns, hygiene guidelines, declining footfall, supply chain problems, etc. This fast-changing situation clearly favored those opticians who had already made moves before the pandemic to become less dependent on walk-in customers in their brick-and-mortar stores while keeping connected to their clientele, online and offline.

Our new magazine issue SPECTR #32 is showcasing aspects that help strengthen resilience, focuses on sustainable partnerships between opticians and brands, unveils new and digital approaches for optical stores, presents the premium and luxury product segment dealing with crises, features rewarding brand insights, new eyewear collection highlights and fashion-focused shoots in London, Sardinia, Lisbon, Berlin, and more…

Doing well on front and back cover, BLACKFIN represents this magazine issue under the motto “Serenity” and highlights new stunning men’s and women’s styles in a Collection Shoot envisioned by photographer Ulrich Hartmann on location in Berlin. 

Italian eyewear label BLACKFIN has built an international reputation for lightweight titanium glasses and sunglasses. Always with an eye for craftsmanship, quality and design – true to the company motto ‘neomadeinitaly’. For Spring/Summer 2021, the independent label presents new styles across a more specialized and structured product portfolio. The concept: While titanium expertise remains the foundation for BLACKFIN, expect a more unique positioning within collections Blackfin OneBlackfin AuraBlackfin Razor and Blackfin Aero.  

Virtually try on »Severson« here!
Virtually try on »Severson« & »Joan« here!
Virtually try on »West Derby« here!
Virtually try on »West Derby« here!
Virtually try on »Claire« here!


The Razor line represents the full BLACKFIN design DNA in an even lighter version. The secret? All the slim, ultra-light frames are crafted from titanium sheet just 1 mm thick. The patented one-piece hinge secures a comfortable fit, while playful colorways add subtlety. For SS21, the evolution continues with the roomy »Fresno« men’s style featuring a sculpted nosepiece, plus the feminine »Claire« model that morphs from round to angular shape in fascinating ways.

Virtually try on »Fresno« here!
Virtually try on »Aero« & »Aero Vector« here!


Let’s start with a complete novelty: After two years of research and design, BLACKFIN introduces the Aero line of rimless styles in twenty lens shapes and as many colors. Each Aero frame is crafted from a 0.7 mm thin sheet of beta titanium for the bridge – ensuring absolute frame stability – and 0.5 mm thin temples for flexibility and comfortable fit. Another novelty is the patented lens fastener, while the proven Tilt Pad nose pads have been updated to suit the aesthetics of these ultra-light and stylish rimless frames.  

Virtually try on »Aero Vector« here!


Staying true to the brand’s DNA, the BLACKFIN One collection welcomes new optical styles this season: The men’s and women’s frames are marked by trendy shapes enhanced by playful color palettes that contrast metallic and pastel shades. What’s more, the SS21 sunglasses collection raises the bar by showcasing bold styles, executed in ultra-high-quality Japanese titanium. The sculpted outlines and striking volumes make a strong impression in classic shapes, but remain lightweight and easy to wear thanks to BLACKFIN’s titanium soul.

Virtually try on »Joan« here!
Virtually try on »Kami« here!


This season, BLACKFIN is also taking the Aura collection of titanium frames, enhanced by cellulose acetate rims, to the next level. One of the standouts is the feminine »Saint Lazar« model. Anchored on a beta titanium structure, the generously sized round frame radiates glamour-tech flair in the combination of acetate contours and metal frame. Technical, sensual, and with that special ‘aura’.

Virtually try on »Saint Lazar« here!
Virtually try on »Walden« here!

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