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Asked about the impact of the pandemic on our society, politicians like to resort to the term ‘new reality’. Much of what used to be considered normal in previous years has ceased to be normal – and we need to accept the fact that a return to ‘business as usual’ will be very difficult in the future; probably impossible. Every aspect of our business is being recalibrated and reevaluated. Independent eyewear brands and opticians also need to explore ways in which they can adapt their business models to the new reality, the current context. As a major disadvantage, many of these players are not occupying a steady role in consumers’ digital inspiration and product discovery processes. This becomes fatal as soon as the brick-and-mortar stores are forced into inactivity by social curbs. For this reason, the current crisis will most likely benefit the big players and chain stores in our industry; businesses that have embraced full-on digital strategies for years now. At the same time, a silver lining of the crisis consists of the fact that it could lead consumers to place more emphasis on sustainable and value-adding products. This can also coincide with solidarity for small, independent and individually minded retailers, which includes optical stores. Nevertheless, the ongoing crisis will strongly accelerate processes that have been on the horizon for years and will drastically open up new technological possibilities. COVID-19 is an unprecedented challenge for the entire optical industry. We are committed to meeting these challenges head-on, because at the end of the day, the future is more exciting than ever.

We are happy to announce that – despite the current crazy and difficult time for everyone – our new magazine issue SPECTR issue #29 has made it yet again to our desks and into optician boutiques carrying the motto “New Reality”. With the cover and collection shoot “Out Into The World” we present the BLACKFIN highlights from the three collections Blackfin One, Blackfin Aura and Blackfin Razor.

“Out Into The World” – BLACKFIN’s Play Of Colors

Shaped by hand but made from the heart: What may sound like poetry is the brand philosophy of Italian label BLACKFIN from the Southern Dolomite mountains. Born in the small mountain village of Agordo, the brand retains strong local roots, while also maintaining a steady connection to Japan to source some of the world’s finest titanium. From this material – and a healthy dose of passion – BLACKFIN has been making more than eyewear for over a decade now, but intricate works of art. Through it all, some brand principles remain etched in (Dolomite mountain) stone: For instance the allergy-neutral character of the frames, thanks to the use of titanium as a skin-friendly resource. What’s more, all frames are inherently non-toxic and biocompatible. They are also entirely free of traces of nickel and other heavy metals. 

BLACKFIN, Blackfin One »Bayou« & »Anfield«

Blackfin One

Teeming with BLACKFIN’s design DNA, the Blackfin One label identifies the label’s main collection. Colors take the center stage and adds intricate detail to all styles.

BLACKFIN, Blackfin One »Winter Harbor«
BLACKFIN, Blackfin One »Flower Cave«

BLACKFIN, Blackfin One »Norden«
BLACKFIN, Blackfin One »Lynn Haven«
BLACKFIN, Blackfin One »Ventura«

Aside from the consistent choice of materials, penchant for high-tech and manual production process, other constants behind the brand are BLACKFIN’s focus on design and color palette. Guided by expertise and unique sense of style, the Italian designers have proven their mastery in adding a layer of detail to their fabulous titanium frames via constantly updated colorways.

On-trend colors also play a key role in BLACKFIN’s latest collection: In the latest Blackfin One line, the color palette is the common denominator between a broad range of men’s, women’s, and unisex styles. All without compromising staple features such as the signature temple tips for a perfect fit or the ultra-flexible beta-titanium temples. 

BLACKFIN, Blackfin Razor »Zara«
BLACKFIN, Blackfin Razor »Annie«

Blackfin Razor

In search of retro flavor? Look no further than the Razor collection with its signature bridge. The three-dimensional shape of the nose bridge underlines the vintage look. For added style, the line implements monochromatic metal colorways, while contrasting the outside metal with color pops on the inside. The new one-piece hinges constitute another technical breakthrough that elevates the design in all its rich detail.

The current Aura line also offers an interplay of materials and nuances: These beta-titanium frames have been fitted with Italian cellulose acetate that is sensitive to UV-light.

And in the Razor collection, the difference lies in the manufacturing, with all frames crafted from ultra-thin, 1mm beta titanium sheets via a special micro-mechanical process created exclusively for the series. Again, color plays a key role here, not necessarily by popping into view as the main eyecatcher but via a series of monochromatic hues. The verdict: Overall, these new additions to the BLACKFIN legacy create just the kind of break from the norm and colorful, joyful contrast that we all can use at the moment.

BLACKFIN, Aura »Florida Bay«

Blackfin Aura

Blackfin Aura is the new line of beta-titanium frames blended with acetate elements. These optical eyeglasses play with sunlight. While all elements blend together naturally, the overall look achieves the perfect balance between tech and glamour.

hair & make-up MELANIE HOPPE
assistant MOMO RADHI
post production MARKO PERAK

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