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The value of authenticity in a world of overkill

We live in a time when our choices as consumers are increasingly ethical. We want to know who makes the products, how they are made, and whether the companies involved are socially responsible. Authentic brands tell their story openly and transparently. They communicate not only their materials and technologies, but also their corporate culture and efforts to have a positive impact on society and the environment. In our new SPECTR Magazine issue #39 we are pleased to once again feature many exceptionally authentic brands with unique positioning. For our cover and collection shoot of this new issue, we have a fine selection of eyewear from a total of five YOU MAWO collections, including a very special design – the »AI One« – probably the first mass-produced eyewear designed with the help of artificial intelligence.

Sculptural Artwork // YOU MAWO 2023 Highlights

YOU MAWO is one of the pioneers of 3D printing technology and has specialized in the customization of eyewear since its inception. The young company continues to push the boundaries of what is possible. The brand now offers a wide range of models in different collections.

The Design Lab Collection conceptually explores a wide range of themes. It shows the creative possibilities and is a playground for the YOU MAWO design team. This is where particularly unusual forms are created, such as the new YOU MAWO masterpiece, the »AI One«. The »AI One« is a very special pair of glasses, not only visually, but also in terms of the design process – because it was designed with the help of artificial intelligence. The AI does not replace the creative human, but serves as an interface to a wealth of inspiration. In the design process, multi-layered impressions are exploratively translated into designs. The glasses seem to have been born out of a dream – and in a way, they are. Traditional eyewear forms have been consistently questioned and recreated, such as a diagonally inclined bridge that also forms a keyhole. Typical of YOU MAWO, the approach is driven by curiosity and openness to new technologies […]

photography Ulrich  Hartmann [Hamburg], hair & make-up Gaye Hiettestyling Jakob Schaeferassistant Theo Frolenkomodels Folke Matthes at System Acency & Luke Volkerat M4models

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