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Everything online or what?!

It’s no secret that we at SPECTR Magazine have launched the FAVR digital platform. For us, this completely different way of working is an important and very welcome enrichment, as the demands on the Internet are completely different. SPECTR is all about photo shoots, layout, printing and editorial depth. In this context, we would like to point out the specials in the current issue, e.g. on the topics of 3D printing or sustainable eyewear. In our fashion spreads, our photographers from Berlin to New York showcase the most beautiful eyewear from the categories of titanium, acetate, color blocking and much more. At FAVR, on the other hand, we focus on search engine optimization, user experience, digital leads, call-to-actions and a good customer journey. The different target group – FAVR addresses the consumer – also requires a different way of thinking in almost all areas. We admit that building digital relevance and traffic has challenged us, but also trained us.

After 40 issues of SPECTR magazine and almost 4 years of the FAVR platform, we are convinced that the digital and analog worlds are increasingly converging. The right strategy is important in order to achieve individual goals. We would therefore like to encourage all opticians to actively and passionately shape their future on all channels.

Moreover, the hype surrounding artificial intelligence has long since reached the visual level, and the possibilities seem limitless. Who hasn’t tried to create images with “prompts”? However, the results are often a bit of a surprise package. The cover shoot for SPECTR Magazine #40, although created digitally, is something completely different. It features virtual models who have come together to represent EINSTOFFEN models. Ava and Edgar were brought to life from pixels by our friends at the Verce agency. While Ava has previous experience in SPECTR, Edgar is brand new. Both may not exist in real life, but they are nevertheless precisely designed virtual personalities with their own characteristics. Flexible in their portrayal, unlike today’s AI characters, they can effortlessly wear different outfits and strike any pose they wish.

The fusion of virtual models and real glasses proves to be a perfect synergy. Everything here is well thought out and staged – be it the gesture, the clothing, every nuance of the pose or the background. Compared to artificial intelligence, the use of virtual models offers the advantage that both the planning and the product, in this case the EINSTOFFEN glasses, can be displayed with the highest precision. The fine milling of the frames in particular can be depicted in great detail on this basis and thus come into their own. It may seem ironic that the EINSTOFFEN’s motto “Raw and Noble” meets virtual models here, but at the same time Ava and Edgar embody this spirit perfectly. We believe that the future will not be characterized exclusively by artificial intelligence, virtual models or classic photography, but by a clever mix of all aspects. Above any dogmatic approach, we believe in presenting eyewear and brands in the best possible way.

Raw & Noble // Explore The Depth Of EINSTOFFEN’s Evolving Vision

SPECTR Magazine’s latest cover presents EINSTOFFEN. In the 40th issue of the international eyewear fashion magazine the Swiss eyewear brand exhibits a new campaign under the title “Raw & Noble” portrayed in an exclusive collection shoot by New York photographer William Ferchichi for SPECTR Magazine. The fresh narrative is in line with the established premium ethos of EINSTOFFEN. In this interview, Ramon Studer talks about the opening of the St. Gallen brand store, the cornerstones and inspirations of the new campaign and its impact an the design ethos and product details. An EINSTOFFEN deep dive with Ramon Studer.

Hello Ramon, you have just opened your new store in St. Gallen, which is also a reflection of your brand. Can you tell us more about it?

Of course we can. We opened our brand store in St. Gallen in December. We found a wonderful location in a listed commercial building in the old town of St. Gallen, close to the Abbey Library and many small restaurants and cafés. You can literally feel the history of the city in the rooms. As all the furniture is also listed, we had to concentrate on restoration during the conversion in order to retain as much of the old charm as possible. Nevertheless, the store will still look fresh because we have used modern elements in the right places.

This fits in well with your new campaign, which is being launched with the claim Raw & Noble. What do “Raw” and “Noble” embody for you?

The “raw” refers to the Alps and the raw nature. The Alps are a wild and untamed landscape, characterized by high mountains, deep valleys and raging rivers. In the design language, the raw is expressed through materials such as acetate, wood and titanium, through irregular shapes and surfaces, but also through clear lines and structures. “Noble” refers to the elegance and  […]


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