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“Plain Truth – Dressed But Still Naked”

Say hello to our new magazine issue SPECTR #28, which is out now carrying the motto “Authenticity”! On a fundamental level, authenticity is right at the intersection between things as they seem, and as they actually are. We call things ‘authentic’ when both aspects – seeming and being – are in alignment. At the same time, authenticity is not a qualitative judgement or evaluation of content. Things that carry a negative connotation can still be authentic, as long as their negative attributes are openly visible on the outside. Nevertheless, authenticity tends to carry mainly positive, pleasant connotations nowadays. Why exactly? Perhaps because humans, in their interactions with others, have the basic desire to know what they’re dealing with. So interacting with an authentic person offers the assurance of a true, genuine experience, as opposed to someone who’s faking it. The acronym WYSIWYG, ‘What You See Is What You Get’, sums it up perfectly. Everything is exactly as it seems. And our society rewards authenticity as a valued character trait; not just for people, but also for brands and products. This demand reflects a deep longing for something real and truthful.

LINDBERG Highlights for 2020

Our main theme figures prominently in the visuals of our cover photo shoot ‘Plain Truth – Dressed But Still Naked’. It’s no accident that the images feature glasses by designer eyewear label LINDBERG. The Danish brand, together with several other labels in this issue, reflect a sense of authenticity that goes beyond product characteristics and marketing and comes from a real place. And that makes all the difference. Because anyone can copy shapes and materials. But the core values of a brand are unique.

Danish eyewear label LINDBERG is part of the country’s legacy for timeless designs and materials with a penchant for constant innovation. The premium label’s philosophy includes a sense of reductionism; casting aside all non-essential elements. That’s why LINDBERG frames function entirely without rivets, screws or welds. Together with the exclusive use of premium materials, often involving titanium, this reductionist agenda results in the label’s signature ultra-lightweight and award-winning design. Aside from state-of-the-art technology, LINDBERG’s latest collection also makes a strong statement by updating proven design principles with a refined, modern aesthetic.





For the customer, the designer label’s new collection offers a treasure trove of possibilities, thanks to the modular structure of the new line. Tailor-made to order, each LINDBERG frame is individually crafted by experts, allowing customers to combine the right features into their personal perfect frame. The theme ‘Plain Truth – Dressed But Still Naked’ applies both to the understated and lightweight LINDBERG frames as well as the ambiance of the photo shoot. In order to help navigate the new offering, the Danish brand has created the following collections:

strip3p titanium:

Streamlined and ultra-lightweight – to the point where models in the strip 3p collection are almost invisible. But in order to add a strong presence to the frames, LINDBERG relies on tinted lenses and rather extravagant shapes in a blend of advanced craftsmanship and minimalistic design.


Innovative designs, in which the acetate front is in harmony with the semi-polished titanium temples. The ingenious titanium reinforcement of the acetate bridge has allowed LINDBERG to create the slimmest and most elegant acetate bridge ever seen. The result is an acetate look in an unprecedented lightness at only 5.5 grams per frame.

strip titanium:

A unique blend of acetate and titanium at a high level craftsmanship. The resulting designs are award-winning as well as visually striking, marked by ultra light weight and adjustability to the individual wearer.

n.o.w. titanium:

This collection blends an ultra-thin composite front section with ultra-light titanium temples in a minimalist design that weights only 2.3 grams per frame. The extra lightweight front segments are also available in transparent material with color gradients.

air titanium rim:

This collection embodies the LINDBERG core values of timeless and minimalistic design. LINDBERG’s designers have revisited 1992, when the LINDBERG air titanium rim debuted. They added a stylish edge by evolving vintage motifs of distinctive outlines into a refined look. In some models, the titanium frame is encompassed by an acetate coating, which adds a modern-style dimensionality to the shapes.

styling TRANG CAO
hair & make-up LENA GEHRING

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