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Philippe Starck is firmly convinced that continuous innovation must be accompanied by a quest for elegance. He believes that the appeal of intelligence lies in refined and subtle product details: “When I design eyewear, I see a wide variety of people wearing it, and I think about what might suit them. It’s all about subtle adjustments and small details. The magic is in the details.”

The 2020 Resort collection 2020 embodies Philippe Starck’s vision down to the smallest detail: lightness, comfort and ergonomics are the key words of the 4 new models. From ultra-thin steel to soft acetate, the models adapt to every personality and lifestyle. The 2020 RESORT COLLECTION features Biolink®, a patented biomechanical hinge inspired by the human micro clavicle, ensuring maximum comfort and flexibility.


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The 2020 RESORT COLLECTION expands the range of metal eyewear with 3 new full rim models featuring the classic Easy-Lens fitting system. The front part of the glasses consists of a single piece without solder joints in the bridge zone. Each model is characterized by its own aesthetics, from easy to wear and sporty to original. The glasses are also equipped with our gyroscopic nose pad system which, thanks to its innovative and unique construction, allows multidirectional movement and offers a comfortable fit.


After several collections dedicated to the most striking acetate glasses, Starck Biotech Paris is returning to thinner volumes with a new model featuring an exclusive colour palette.

And since the French all-round genius has always had a sense of humour, we couldn’t help but smile at the video below. It explains the whole design concept in a playful way. Merci Monsieur!

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