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In Jérémys world, true creation is about daring, and does not suffer any assumption or doubt.

Creation is about surprising yourself before surprising others: when selecting strong and contrasting colors for my Graphic eyewear collection, when daring to commingle a multitude of patterns to evoke distant travels for my ceramic masks series, or even when combining architecture with 1980’s design.

Alternating between his work in the eyewear department and his clay creations, Tarian is about to launch his 8th collection, which dares merging technique, handcraft and fantasy to create colorful designs mixing clay and acetate – his two favourite materials.

Jérémy let’s his creativity run free from his atelier in Paris. Every piece is unique and looks like it wants to be touched and worn on a daily basis. Très joli !

More info: https://atelier.jeremytarian.com/

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