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TARIAN: New Campaign 2014

The spirit of the new collection of TARIAN is going back to the fifties. For the sunglasses, round and exaggerated shapes with colored acetate. For the optical, classical tortoise colors with some asymmetrical affects. “For the fifth season, I’m working again with Kate Fichard for my campaign. I was always attracted by the synergies and the accidents of the creation. We should have a conversation with what we sell. Bring some art to our environment is very exciting for me.”

The TARIAN brand fuses the art of traditional craftsmanship and the latest technology in the industry. In TARIAN eyewear, the two elements blend harmoniously in each individually handmade frame. Only Limited Editions – with a maximum of 500 numbered pieces – are created. Jérémy Tarian is deeply involved in the creation of the frames, from the initial design concept, until the frames reach the opticians and fashion boutiques. Superior service is an equally important asset in TARIAN eyewear. The frames are crafted in the Jura region of France, which has a long and distinguished reputation in producing the finest quality frames.






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