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A little while ago, TAVAT’s designer Norm saw a poster from the ’30s – advertising a group of crop sprayers, who got together on weekends to give airshows, calling themselves “The Flying Burritos”. Seeing their crude goggles, Norm imagined that they were cut out of soup cans. We can’t say for sure, that people in the ’30s built their goggles out of soup cans. But due to the fact, that the 1930’s were a decade shaped by the economic downfall after the Wall Street Crash in 1929 and people struggled hardly in life due to unemployment and poverty – it seems very much probabilistic.

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Anyway, Norm was hit by the idea of Soup Cans and a little later, the “TAVAT SoupCan Collection 2.0” took its course.

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The popular shapes Pantos, Round and Pantos Rectangular remain – but their weight is reduced by 25%. The frames are available in “all-metal” and in a “combination” version.

Happy wearing!

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