Tech Talk: Strada del Sole

A design legends unfolds


How about the first pair of sunglasses that won’t fall apart when you accidentally sit on them? Thanks to their ultra-light weight and patent-protected, foldable temples, the pieces of the Monte Cervino Collection are sturdy enough to withstand mishaps like leaving them in the driver’s seat of your car and… you know what happens next. With one simple click, the temples fold in and hug the curves of the lenses. The glasses slip into the ultra-slim suede case so snuggly, they can fit into the front pocket of even the skinniest jeans without adding extra bulk. At a width of less than one centimeter, you can easily stash them in your jacket next to your iPhone, notebook and breath mints. And did we mention that one of our editors actually did plop down on her chair on top of them – and they remained in one piece? A-mazing!

So far, the innovative system has earned the upcoming Swiss brand a whooping seven international design awards, including two-time Red Dot Design Award merits and recently, the Eyewear of the Year Award in Tokyo. The growing fan base already includes the queen of Norway and numerous other celebrities. All models are crafted from high-grade titanium featuring slim, hand-made temples padded with soft polymers for added comfort. The polarized nylon lenses offer anti-reflective coating, available in various colorways. And with a light weight of only 20 grams, these are not only among the sturdiest glass on the planet, but also the lightest. Stay tuned, as the legend unfolds.

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