LUNOR // The 30 Years Birthday Collection

To celebrate 30 Years of existence, LUNOR revisits the B1.

With the B1, Lunor launches a unique birthday collection made of buffalo horn.

A lot has happened at Lunor since its foundation in 1991! Founded with the vision of producing frames “made in Germany” by professional craftsmen using high-quality materials, LUNOR looks back on a 30-year history that has produced numerous eyewear icons. Style aesthetes from all over the world rely on the clean and timeless design of the manufacturer from the northern Black Forest.

Now comes the next coup for the quality manufacturer: for their anniversary, Lunor is launching the B1 collection and for the first time is relying entirely on the natural material buffalo horn. The extravagant material makes each frame unique, ensures wearing comfort and is entirely in keeping with the sustainability philosophy of the eyewear manufacturer.

Handmade, unique and longlasting.

What makes the B1 so special is its unique colouring: the extraordinary texture and individual colour structure of the natural material make each frame a unique piece. Finely handcrafted, the natural horn frames are polished in Germany. They are then riveted through the multi-layered horn material with the typical double rivet hinge. The rivet hinge is not only a trademark of Lunor, but also stands for the quality of the manufacture, which is designed for longevity. And best of all: buffalo horn reacts to heat, meaning the frame adapts to the shape of the wearer’s head over time. This guarantees a perfect and comfortable fit and makes the glasses a very personal companion.

Lunor B1 B0102 503

Lunor B1 B0101 501

Buffalo horn: A material in harmony with nature

It is no coincidence that the material buffalo horn was chosen for the anniversary collection – after all, it combines the best properties with resource-friendly extraction. Only the horn of the Indian water buffalo is used to manufacture the glasses. In Asia, the water buffalo is kept as a domestic animal and is extremely valuable to its owners. Accordingly, the animals are protected and valued – the horns are only processed after the animals’ natural demise. In addition, the waste produced during the processing of the material can be used as natural fertiliser.

The natural material is predestined for the manufacture of spectacles because it is extremely light and feels pleasantly warm on the skin. This means that there is hardly any heat build-up and ensures that the frame is held securely in place. Furthermore, buffalo horn scores with its anti-allergic properties.

The correction frames are available in two Panto shapes and one Anatomic shape in the colour variations Horn Black, Horn Light Brown and Horn Brown speckled.

Find out more about this unique rendition of the B1 by Lunor at:

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Lunor B1 B0103 502

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