“The Choice Is Yours” // The two faces of Look – Made in Italia

For the past four decades, LOOK – made in Italia has been raising the bar with trend-setting eyewear designs and quality manufacturing. The offering for adult wearers expands across two unique collections: the premium LOOK line and the high-end MATERIKA collection. Witness the latest styles in our Collection Shoot and keep reading below for a two-minute primer on what characterizes both lines. The choice is yours!


In terms of style, LOOK celebrates current trends in frame designs crafted from two highly innovative materials. The first is Cello, which is short for ‘cellulose acetate’ as a vegetable-based compound offering a warm surface feel and flexible shape options with a shiny finish. Second in line is Xinox, an ultralight high-tech steel that ensures superior shape retention and the over 30 percent more flexibility than conventional steel. And needless to stay, the gorgeous eyeglasses and sunnies in the LOOK collection are anything but conventional as well.

»Combi 10812« & »Combi 10810«
»Combi 10813«
»Combi 10811« & »Combi 10812«


As the label’s high-end collection, MATERIKA combines exclusive design with a healthy dose of technicality and know-how. Materika is an acronym for MAterialTEchnologyRIcerca (Research), and CApability. The eye-catching designs walk the line between innovation and sustainability, supported by two unique materials: Alumix as a high-potent blend of aluminium and magnesium for ultra-lightweight and non-allergenic frames. And also Hititanium, a raw material imported from Japan and four times more resistant than regular titanium. With that said, MATERIKA eyewear is built to last – and stylish enough to outlast fleeting trends with minimalist, timeless shapes.  

»Combi 70616«
»Combi 70617«

Find out more about LOOK – MADE IN ITALIA here or check out their Brand Profile at SPECTR.

photography, styling & casting NARÈNTE // LUCIO ARU + FRANCO ERRE [Sardinia]
hair & make-up DANIELA DESSÌ

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