Eyewear brand THEO marks the start of a new Season with their “Theo goes upstream” campaign. Inspired by trend-breaking DNA, the Belgian brand unveil 3 brand new eyewear families that underline the individuality of each wearer. POTATOES, ARCHES and LAVALANDS show the groundbreaking and unparalleled virtuosity of who we are.

The finishing touch to these new, atypical and unique designs? An injection of whimsy and personal style from the wearer who dares to go upstream.


They are to everybody’s taste, come in delicious varieties, and go with everything. That’s how the Theo Potatoes could best be described: humble, easy-to-wear frames, made special by the wearer’s own secret ingredient: a one-of-a-kind personality. Very flexible eyewear, quite literally, as the unique ‘flex-hinge’ adds an unexpected twist to the design.


There is simply no better artist than Mother Nature. She patiently carves the most spectacular arches out of the landscape. In admiration of her work, THEO created this new titanium family. Strong arch shapes in cut-out frames add character to the natural curves of the face.


Hot lava meets cool seawater. Eruptive force fades to calmness. The newest Theo family thrives on opposing energies: exhilarating forms and colours in warm acetate, contrasted with the coolness of steel. This series embodies the raw beauty of the world’s most astonishing volcanic scenes.

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The Brand THEO is also available on FAVR!

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