Trend sports are more than just the pursuit of adrenalin kicks: For Triggernaut and both founders Alexander Kropf and Felix Grimme they are an attitude to life. In their opinion, practicing sports is not simply physical exercise – it represents a passion. At TRIGGERNAUT, the staff lives out this passion while practicing their sports: In snow, water, on land and in the air.

Concerning the development of sunglasses and accessories for action sports Triggernaut has committed oneself to the motto of it’s hero of elements, what means Triggernaut wants to create and manufacture products that can brave the elements and help us while practising our favourite sports. This is one of the reasons why Triggernaut is dedicated so much in areas of action sports. To mention are not only water- and snow sports but also sports like paintball and biking. A couple of successful kitesurfers, surfers, sailers, wakeboarder and snowkiters joined our team.

Sports glasses like the Dusk, Dawn, Transformer, Transmitter and Transmision are the first products of the young label Triggernaut, but other sun glasses, accessories and apparel for action sports will follow within a short period of time. You love challenging your personal limits in sports. Sometimes you even exceed your limits. Whether you are a water bug, a shore leaver or an aerialist, you know the satisfaction and inner peace that float your body once you completed your mission. Triggernaut shades are the glasses that won’t let you down on any mission. The Transmission for example is water sports glass, land sports glass, snow sports glass and fashion glass in one.

Polarized lenses absorb 99.9% of reflected glare from smooth and shiny surfaces in front of you. Thus Polarization turns up the colors your eyes can perceive. Color is deeper, more saturated with heightened contrast and depth perception for exceptional visual acuity comfort. The Transmission has a lens-changing-system with one pair of polarized polycarbonate lenses filter category 3 for bright light conditions and one pair of orange polycarbonate lenses filter category 1 for low light conditions. Water rats estimate the high value of the Hidden Transforming System. The temples can be easily changed against a functional head strap to guarantee a perfect fit of your sunglass. In addition you can fix the Transmission with a Triggernaut Safety Leash (accessory) to ensure the glass against losing it in water. A replaceable windblock at the inside protects your eyes against wind in all kinds of sports on shore. The frame is made of shatterproof TRI 90. Tri 90 is a light, highly flexible and shatterproof polyamide with a high portion of nylon fiber that protects against injuries. All Triggernaut sunglasses are also available in your prescription.

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