UNIQUE Cazal 627 X Eyewear Magazine TO WIN

Hi folks, get probably the best Christmas present in the history of sunglasses! Cazal 627 X Eyewear – a one-of-a-kind collaboration strictly for our facebook fans!

We’re blown away by looking at the treasure that arrived at our office today. It’s an icon, a legend and an honor to hold these glasses in our hands. Ever since its original release, it’s been a fixture and holy grail for collectors of heritage sunglasses, a milestone for Hip-Hop enthusiasts around the world. No wonder that Cazal relaunched this iconic style in different colors as part of their Legends Series.

What’s special about OUR Cazal 627? The shiny black model features a green original leather application – truly a one-of-a-kind product manufactured by Cazal. Another and important detail is the engraving on the inner side of the temple which shows what all this is about: CAZAL X EYEWEAR, the official title of our collaboration.

Why are we so crazy to give away these unique glasses? Because we want YOU to have them! How? Easy – give our facebook page (www.facebook.com/eyewearmagazine) a LIKE until Christmas and with a little luck you’re the one to get the best very special Christmas present. The winner is chosen by us and we’re completely subjective about it. So it won’t hurt your chances to write some nice words alongside your Facebook post!

PS: armed response – don’t break in our studio.

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