Urban Fashion von FLEYE

FLEYE launches a new eyewear collection in a raw and sexy look that merges colours and fantasy with urban trends. The city jungle’s buzz of colour, life and attitude shows a trend for dull, raw surfaces, contrast-filled mixes of voluminous and narrow, and a glance back in time. Inspired by the new trends, FLEYE is launching an eyewear collection that mixes dull surfaces with striking fronts and narrow temples – spiced up with a touch of today’s hot urban retro look. The eyewear’s fronts are large, deep and curved, or broad and striking. Both trends are from the fashion scene’s oversize look, which is combined with the narrow, light temples to achieve a stunning contrast. Several of the acetates have dull, sand-blasted surfaces, giving a both dusty and raw expression, emphasised by the season’s darker colours such as petroleum, gun metal, midnight blue, classical horn and dark purple.

The ultralight beta-titanium has gained a dull surface that resembles thick velvet and gives the eyewear’s narrow temples a really unique expression. The graphically punched temples, which emphasise the more striking acetate fronts, start with breadth, but quickly narrow in an architectural effect. As usual, FLEYE really make a splash when they play with new designs, and this collection also includes unique, cheeky variations such as the wild jelly-baby red dull acetate frame with the deep front, or the ultra- 80s-inspired white frame with mother-of-pearl effect and rose-gold temples. Also check out the exclusive new effect on selected acetate fronts, where a delicate sand or dark purple tones exquisitely into a lighter transparent nuance at the lower edge of the frame.

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