Announcing a new partnership between the Miles Davis Estate and Vinylize.

Vinylize recently joined the FAVR and SPECTR Family and we couldn’t be happier about this new addition. The Hungarian designer eyewear brand saw the light of day in 2004 and has been conjuring up unique eyewear from old records since then. The brand annually obtains 3 tons of vinyl from discarded, unsold records of the 60s and crafts unique eyeglass frames out of them. Every Vinylize frame is handmade in the European Union by a team of 16 people. Each frame takes six weeks to make and oozes the material from which it stems. To pay tribute to the great music from which each frame is created, the brand has made it a priority to reconnect with legendary musicians of old times. Hence, the latest Miles Davies Limited Edition, made from recycled materials of course.

Introducing the Newport Limited Edition.

Originally worn by Miles Davis in 1958 at the Newport Jazz Festival, Vinylize has reinterpreted the NEWPORT model seen here worn by an icon of his decade. A singular artist whose career spanned decades, Miles Davis is recognized as one of the key innovators of jazz, defining and developing a style that continues to resonate to this day.


Stylish and talented

Miles Davies is not only respected for his contribution to music, but also for his ability to fashion himself across eras in ways that are still imitated and admired today. Nominated for 32 Grammy Awards, Davis won eight of them across four decades and 61 studio albums, eventually earning a spot in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 2006. His contributions continue to inspire and resonate worldwide.

It’s not the notes you play;
It’s the notes you don’t play.

-Miles Davis

Remaining timeless and relevant over the decades.

Vinylize is the first and only eyewear brand to re-imagine versions of the models worn by Miles Davis, working with his estate to create sunglasses that continue his tradition of stylistic expression. Known for his immense talent and trailblazing fashion, Davis proved to be a case study in the intricate balance of style and substance. The Miles Davis estate sought out the expertise of Vinylize to create sunglasses that honor his inimitable aesthetic.

The extra wide bridge places the frame between a sporty and artsy style with lots of real estate to display the grooves. 

Beautiful inside and out.

Limited to 500 pieces, each Newport is serial numbered and has a small Miles Davis engraved inside the temple. All packaging incorporates original artwork by Miles Davis featured on his 1985 Rubberband release.

Available in two colorways, black on black vinyl and crystal vinyl on havana with black temples with your choice of optical or gradient lenses. 

To find out more about the Miles Davis models and other Vinylize models, visit: www://

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