Vision With Values 3/4: ECO

ECO is undoubtedly one of the pioneers in the eyewear industry when it comes to sustainability. The brand has been pursuing a 360° approach since 2009 – this means that every detail is looked at in all areas of the company and scrutinized to see how its own ecological footprint can be further reduced. For ECO, environmental protection is not a trend, but a responsibility that is firmly anchored in the brand’s DNA – the brand name speaks for itself.


ECO consistently relies on sustainable materials in its production, so the collections include recycled metal, bio-acetate, bio-based frames made from rhizinus oil and ocean plastic. However, ECO is not only demanding when it comes to frames, but also consistently uses recycled materials for packaging, cleaning cloths and demo lenses. And if non-recycled material is used, such as in the case of the optician’s gift box, it is made from FSC-certified bamboo.

But that alone is not enough for ECO. Many years ago, the brand launched the “One Frame – One Tree“ campaign. For every pair of glasses sold, ECO plants a tree – 3.3 million to date. The impact is enormous. ECO is not only CO2-neutral, but even CO2-negative.


The glasses do not come with an eco-touch, quite the opposite. The designs range from discreetly classic to strikingly fashionable, especially for female customers. The collection includes frames such as the VIOLAN, which, with its feminine expression and slight oversize, is perfect for all women who want to add a touch of elegance to their look. The collection is even more fashionable when it comes to sunglasses: the CALLUNA model, for example, has a sculptural, rectangular shape with wide, slanted temples. Particularly practical: clip-ons are available for many optical glasses, naturally also made from bio-based material.


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