French Brand Volte Face launch new inspirational styles into acetates, colour schemes and shapes featuring a younger and modern appeal.

Feminine and accessible

As a member of the JF REY family, VOLTE FACE is a brand of optical frames that brings together the world of women’s fashion and the creative spirit of the Maison.

Each frame carries the idea of modern and elegant femininity, delivering ultra-sensual pieces that evolve with each collection without ever leaving out the know-how in acetate that made its reputation.

Available in 12 shapes and no less than 48 colours, the newest collection aims to be more upto-date, fresher, delivering elaborated looks yet still easy to wear in order to appeal to a younger clientele.

The models are worn oversize, in thin acetate or thickened on the sides for a more glamorous effect. They explore the richness of translucent and coloured acetate materials, the finesse of the outlines. The style is sober and refined. It plays with superimposed shapes and displays fluid and strong lines. The chosen colours are fresh thus pairing with retro references and contemporary influences into a very flattering harmony.

All VOLTE FACE models are handmade, in the best Italian manufactures.


To check out the entire VOLTE FACE collection, go to: www.jfrey.fr

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