YOUMAWO Introduces New HORN SS18 Collection

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YOUMAWO is expanding their offer and are now launching the revival for one of the oldest and most proven eyewear materials: Horn. As the first premium producer in the eyewear industry, they use an additive other than polyamide powder and adapt the natural high-quality material to the individual needs of each customer using the latest 3D-Print technology.


The success story of the young label YOUMAWO continues. Less than two years after the first launch of the Konstanz 3D printing eyewear label, the founders’ quartet Sebastian Zenetti, Daniel Szabo, Daniel Miko and Stephan Grotz has become the fastest growing optical brand in the optics industry with more than 300 partners. The fact that they rely on independence and new technologies has built their reputation, earned them several innovation prizes and highly satisfied customers.

For their upcoming collection, YOUMAWO has ventured on a completely unknown field – the 3D printing of the natural material horn. Horn is one of the most appreciated and used eyewear materials on the market, it never grows out of fashion. With state-of-the-art additive technology from their own manufactory, the company is now the first eyewear label worldwide to bring 100% tailor-made horn spectacles to the market for their customers, thereby launching the revival of the old natural material for the optics industry. In addition to its sheer beauty, the anti-allergenic material is unsurpassed in its individuality. No horn is alike, similar to the human fingerprint. Obtained from Water buffalo horn the shades go from very dark to almost white. That’s why YOUMAWO is able to fulfill every color request in addition to the 100% customized 3D scan of the head. This new coating takes Horn processing into the 21st century and incorporates the pioneering path of additive 3D production into the production process. The extension of the materials to a natural substance via the well-known polyamide powder is only logical and has always been a main component of the company’s DNA: The eyewear frames by YOUMAWO have always been named after natural wonders such as mountains, landscapes or special locations around the world.


“We hope that this step will take us to the future with a new freshness and as a clear fashion statement. The production process alone will change the previously known possibilities in connection with Horn and opens up new possibilities”- the founders.

Welcome to the Future!


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