Zest for Life // DAVIDOFF EYEWEAR For The Sophisticated Man

DAVIDOFF EYEWEAR is still a young brand and yet the eyewear carries a great brand promise and design heritage, after all Zino Davidoff has shaped the fashion world for decades. Designer Diego Accorsi explains how he translates the Zest for Life into eyewear design.

The hyphen from the Davidoff A is a signature element through out the collection – usually clearly visible on the front of the glasses.

Titanium and acetate at their finest – alone or in a mix.

Hello Diego, how long have DAVIDOFF EYEWEAR glasses been around?

We launched the first collection at the beginning of 2023.

How would you describe the brand’s philosophy?

DAVIDOFF EYEWEAR embodies the art of enjoying life to the full.

Zino Davidoff’s motto is “Zest for Life”. Does this also apply to eyewear?

The Swiss man with Ukrainian roots founded his company for lifestyle and luxury products back in the 1980s. The self-confessed bon vivant was a globetrotter and always on the lookout for the finer things in life. His credo “Zest for Life” is considered his personal brand legacy and is still at the heart of the luxury brand today.

Is this also reflected in the eyewear collections?

Yes, the models exude a certain charm and are ideal for men who enjoy every moment and appreciate quality. The glasses are stylish and elegant and impress with their classic design and a touch of sophistication that leaves a lasting impression.

But the models are explicitly aimed at men, aren’t they?

Yes, the brand is aimed specifically at the “man of the world” – the personified connoisseur, globetrotter, explorer and all men who appreciate good quality and craftsmanship “Made in Italy”.

Do you rely entirely on production in Italy?

Yes, our eyewear is carefully handcrafted from high-quality materials between the northern Italian cities of Udine, Belluno and Venice with years of expertise.

How important are sunglasses in the collection?

DAVIDOFF EYEWEAR sunglasses play a very important role in the typical “joie de vivre” of the Italian lifestyle. They are the inseparable companions of the DAVIDOFF businessman on his journey around the world, with an unmistakable reminder of the Italian “Dolce Vita”, in the land of style, good food and the good life.

How has the collection changed since the first launch and what is special about the current collection?

The style has definitely become bolder, more modern and more international. The shapes are more dominant from a design perspective, with more pronounced contours, facets and special milling of the acetates, color combinations, new interpretations of the brand logos and iconic elements. The structure of the eyewear collection no longer consists of simple embellishments, but of three-dimensional and structural elements that are both functional and decorative.

Zino Davidoff was an outspoken lover of Paris, is this reflected in the product design?

Definitely. The recently launched third collection includes prescription eyewear that is part of the core Paris line. Our “Paris concept” will also play an important role in the various sunglasses in the upcoming collections. Which materials do you prefer to use? Our range includes models made of titanium, which is light and durable, as well as high-quality acetate. The choice of different materials, their combination and the high quality standard are essential prerequisites for every model in the DAVIDOFF EYEWEAR collection.

What is the most striking distinguishing feature of DAVIDOFF EYEWEAR glasses?

The hyphen in the “A” of the Davidoff logo is our signature logo element and runs through almost the entire collection. The DAVIDOFF hyphen as an eye-catcher can be found on the right and left of the front of the glasses, but also at the end of the acetate temple – an unmistakable feature of every pair of DAVIDOFF EYEWEAR glasses.

What exactly is behind the Iconic Concept?

The Iconic Concept is the highest segment within our collections. Here we see eye-catching models, very “edgy” shapes and contours. The models are characterized by a double lamination on the acetate fronts and a visible metal wire core with an individual pattern, the all-over icon pattern. This icon pattern is only visible on the inside of the temples thanks to a transparent acetate lamination. The model therefore contains very elegant and subtle details that only gradually reveal themselves.

Your collection also includes the Soul Acetate Concept. What distinguishes these glasses?

The evolution of the Soul Acetate Concept literally shows the titanium wire from a different side. It can now be seen from the inside and is surrounded by a transparent acetate lamination. The extension of the temple is solved in a modern way without appearing cumbersome. The transparency of the Mazzucchelli acetate radiates a certain lightness.

Which colorways dominate the current DAVIDOFF EYEWEAR collection?

True to the brand identity, dark shades dominate above all. These colors form a versatile palette that ranges from classic black and brown to cool blue and anthracite shades, offering a rich selection that is both timeless and modern.

Thank you.


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