20 years ago FHONE reinvented the wheel by making it square. Now they intend to do it again by creating the perfect mixture of everything they are, the essence of where they come from, combined with where they want to go. They chose the Buddhistic middle way as the path to create a frame, a frame that brings out the best in its owner.

FHONE is the fusion between design, quality and comfort. The feeling for time and fashion gives FHONE the ability to combine these elements, in the right dosage. The brand relies on 4 core elements everyone can count on:

Outstanding, uncompromised, modern DESIGN. Walking the middle path also makes FHONE a go to collection in every aspect of your life. Eyewear is so much more than fashion, eyewear becomes a part of you. Yes it is fashionable, but it goes in a different direction. it is versatile, as people are. We put a little edge in the mix, making it an outstanding part of you.

​COMFORT is a naturally given aspect to make the glasses become an extension of yourself. Wearing glasses for more than 6000 hours a year, you should love the way they feel. We are opticians and we know how they should feel.

QUALITY. Being German, we stay true to our roots. We believe that German design goes hand in hand with quality. German engineering, German quality control, German and Japanese manufacturing guarantees that you will receive a product of the highest quality and it’s handmade, which means it is made by hand.

CUSTOMER SERVICE. Our clients become family. As an optician, it’s not difficult to know what an optician wants. As consumers, we understand this angle too. We play fair, are honest and believe in a win-win situation.

“FHONE is functional, as a swiss army knife.”


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