AD LIB // BRIA – Moving Colors


AD LIB celebrates its tenth brand anniversary. Founded in Paris, the titanium eyewear label strikes a fine balance between Japanese technical know-how and French design. Right from the start, AD LIB titanium frames garnered attention due to their light weight, flexibility and hypoallergenic properties. The resulting eyeglasses offer comfort of wear at the highest level.

In order to celebrate a full decade in business, AD LIB has created a new frame that lives up to the philosophy of eyewear as a fusion between titanium and color. It’s also a milestone in terms of R&D: The »Bria« is the direct result of an internal research project to investigate coloring technologies applied to eyewear frames. The project’s goal was to create a frame that features an exclusive surface coating process. With that said, AD LIB more than hit their mark. The color palette of the »Bria« dazzles with a fascinating effect. Depending on the viewing angle, the anniversary model sparkles in numerous different colorways.  

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Aside from the rather striking color effect, the »Bria« cultivates an understated chic. The feminine butterfly shape is rather delicate at only 0.7mm thickness in the front. For a secure fit, AD LIB relied on the unique hinge with flexible beta-titanium blade. The verdict: The »Bria« is a worthy anniversary style that seems unassuming at first sight but unfolds its fascinating individuality and technical finesse upon closer inspection.

Capturing the brand’s ‘Moving Colors’ slogan, the iridescent effect on the frame is made possible by a multi-color ion plating process without the need for painting. Shortly after undergoing the polishing, the frame attains its unique color gradient texture, with hues ranging from yellow to pink, green and blue. The special twist: The ionic plating cannot be replicated identically on each model, so the color variations are unique on each frame, making every »Bria« one-of-a-kind.

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