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In 5 years, Andy Wolf may have gone out style. At least for certain people, and that‘s perfectly alright, as far as designer Katharina Plattner in concerned. „Trying to be everybody’s darling has become obsolete in times when the hectic search for next years‘, next months‘ or tomorrows‘ trends has begun to bury the substance of design“.

Style, creativity and the image of fashion labels are dangling in front of overstrained fashionistas. „In an environment that knows more overblown definitions of style than products that come even close to being stylish, Andy Wolf has decided to go back to the basics – craftsmanship and love of the product“.

And whoever misses an articulate user‘s guide isn‘t the preferred client in the first place. That is, if such a client exists at all. According to Andy Wolf’s designer Katharina Plattner, this categorization tend to lead nowhere.

„What really drives us are three, completely different questions: who we are, what we do while we‘re on our way and who we are lucky enough to have with us to share the experience. It‘s basically our definition of life. Regardless, if you need glasses or just feel like wearing some. It‘s merely attempting to combine good looks and great vision. “

This is an effort that everyone has to undertake by himself. Hugh Grant tried it (without getting paid for it) as well as Eric Clapton, who did it voluntarily, too.

At just about five, Andy Wolf is similarly young and well established. The development of the brand from scratch very much reflects the companies approach – no-nonsense products on a high level, as far as quality and aesthetics are concerned.

The basis of Andy Wolf’s success is downright banal. Every frame passes through a manufacturing process of up to 3 weeks, during which every single production step is done by hand. Exclusively in high acetate qualities, without compromise or low-priced starting offers of any kind.

„Looking at today’s fashion brands, we found that many of them are aligning themselves with their competition, far more than looking at their clients’ needs. So, we set out to produce frames that adjust themselves to the people wearing them.”

Andy Wolf frames and glasses are available in ladies‘, men’s and unisex models at selected opticians in Asia. Africa, North America and Europe.

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