Sun shines all the year round thanks to the new Barberini Eyewear proposals!

The sunglasses that will be presented at the Paris Exhibition match trendy design with technical excellence, heralding at the same time the birth of Photopolar lenses. These lenses combine polarization and photochromism, two extremely functional characteristics stemming from the R&D of the leading company in the production of optical glass lenses.

These lenses will be available in three versions, one of which is a world premiere, since it ranges from category 3 to 4. The latter category includes the darkest possible lenses, usually used in high mountains or in conditions of very high solar radiation and for this reason forbidden when driving. The peculiarity of these lenses – which is that of remaining clearer inside the car – allows Barberini sunglasses to be worn in this context as well.

Photopolar lenses are matched with both technical frames and lifestyle models.

The collection offers not only polarized and photochromic lenses, but also with infrared (IR) protection. The collection is also available with monofocal or progressive prescription lenses with the widest colour choice in the market.

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