The Venetia region in the South Eastern part of the Dolomite Mountains, Italy, can be reached fairly quickly from the Po plains. But it’s somewhat removed from all areas North of the Alps, which is why the small town of Agordo is a quiet community where things tend to happen at their own pace. Away from the hustle and bustle of big cities, the residents appear to take more time for the essential things in life. They appear more grounded in the present moment. Which also helps when it comes to detailed craftsmanship in processes like high-grade titanium eyewear manufacturing. Resident eyewear brand BLACKFIN has been subscribing to the highest quality levels in blending hand-crafted excellence with state-of-the-art technology under the maxim “neomadeinitaly.” And despite its remote location and strong Italian roots, BLACKFIN keeps charming the global fashion literati with their sure hand for shapes and color palettes that are on-trend and on-style around the world. The shining star of the new collection is the »Slot« – with its golden lenses also available as a limited-edition model designed in cooperation with Blue Marlin on Ibiza. For all the other cutting-edge styles in the new BLACKFIN offering, have a look at this photo shoot created by Tanja Tremel in Berlin, where the Venetia-based brand is also becoming the talk of the town with its cutting edge designs.

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