Yamamoto Kogaku (formerly, Yamamoto Optical Lens Manufacturing Co.) was founded in 1911. They mainly produced dust protection glasses. In 1972, they launched the original eyewear brand called “EYEVAN” with VAN Jacket Inc. (lead by Kensuke Ishizu). EYEVAN 7285 built a solid presence in the eyewear industry as a Japanese eyewear brand that conveys their message to the world. All processes – planning, designing and manufacturing were done in Japan.

EYEVAN has started with a collection which consisted of 42 variations and 27 styles and was highly popular among the younger generation. While glasses used to be just a tool of eye correction EYEVAN 7285 initiated the concept of “frames as a fashion item”. Besides their great product, EYEVAN also drew attention the through the futuristic promotions such as stylish brand books, playful give-away products and TV commercials.


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