Hoffmann Natural Eyewear // The Art of Craftsmanship

Handcrafted. Sustainable. Individual.

In the atelier of Hoffmann Natural Eyewear in the Volcanic Eifel area of Germany, spectacles are being made from natural horn since 1978, in particular, from natural horn. Experience, crafting skills and passion for perfection are all reflected in each of the multiple steps taken when creating a beautiful frame by hand. With each frame a unique piece of unmatched quality is created.

“Many people like to see their spectacles as a kind of window. They allow a clear view of things. At the same time, they give others an insight into the wearer‘s personal lifestyle – and identity.“

100% Handmade in Germany

The handmade spectacles offer outstanding quality and an unparalleled range of colours. Skilled hands and experienced eyes turn every frame created in the atelier into a unique masterpiece. The exceptional natural materials, countless painstaking tasks undertaken and the passion for perfection bestow that certain something on each frame.

“Since 1978“ means the fusion of experience and progress. With each new decade and each innovation, the brand’s expertise has grown and deepened. From the beginning, the Hoffmann craftspeople working in the eyewear atelier have passed on their artistry to the next generation, while remaining receptive to new trends and fresh ideas. Here, traditional handcrafting skill welcomes the spirit of innovation.

Hoffmann tradition comes alive every single day.


In the Hoffmann atelier, skilled craftspeople make the most of tradition and innovation to create irresistible eyewear looks using only the finest natural materials – first and foremost, genuine horn. The sustainable eyeglasses are in the premium eyewear segment. They offer a feeling of luxury for the wearer as each pair is a unique eyewear masterpiece.


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