In the making of the 31st issue of SPECTR, we were committed to avoiding the ‘c-word’ at all cost. It’s all over the news anyhow. But we are ready to talk about what the year 2020 has done to people. That’s because the coronavirus crisis has not only caused dramatic disruptions in the world economy. It has also led to a change of thought in many areas – and we’re here to see the positives. For instance, restrictions on international travel have led many people to discover the beauty at their immediate doorstep. Going for nature walks instead of dancing the night away at clubs, investing in experiences instead of stuff, and rediscovering what is really essential. The past year also had a dramatic impact on consumer behaviors: Status pieces and luxury items had a tough time. Meanwhile, products that are functional and sustainable experienced an unprecedented surge. It seems that more and more consumers are making conscious decisions on what they purchase; with a preference for minimalistic and local goods, made by companies that are thoughtful and have strong commitment.

Under the motto “Commitment” our new issue bears witness to this paradigm shift. That’s why our cover shoot of gorgeous LINDBERG frames may resemble a large family trip out into the countryside. And as in several of this issue’s photo shoots, we are reframing our focus on what’s really essential: the actual eyewear.

Still, a couple of interesting questions remain open: Once the crisis is over, will humanity revert to the old ‘normal’ or does the new mindset stand a chance to prevail? And what lessons does the year 2020 present to the eyewear industry? How can brands and opticians find ways to emerge even stronger from these changes? One thing that’s already certain is that meta themes such as fairness, transparency, consolidation and lean practices will remain for all of us. Opticians are already forced to adapt to a changed reality, for example by scheduling appointments for customers under strict health guidelines, while discovering that this kind of advance notice also has its advantages.

“Noblesse Oblige” – LINDBERG 2021 Highlights

Scandinavian designer label LINDBERG maintains its momentum into 2021 with a number of great designs. The Danish brand is taking its new models on a journey through time while playing with a number of different geometries: soft and round shapes reminiscent of the 1990s but also on-trend angular, polygonal outlines. The common denominator behind all these releases? Timeless design with that signature LINDBERG minimalism.

One of the driving design criteria for LINDBERG’s team was to achieve a balance between the frame and the wearer’s facial features. For inspiration, the label looked into the realm of architecture, where a built structure aims to add beauty and functionality to a natural landscape. Much in the same way, eyeglasses are supposed to combine style, comfort and a sense of balance in order to enhance the natural beauty of their users.

The new collection expands on the other 16 classic collections in the LINDBERG portfolio. As the brand moves into 2021, the main pillars of the brand DNA remain fully intact: minimalist design, technical innovation, craftsmanship and individual customization options.

In this Collection Shoot for SPECTR, photographer Ulrich Hartmann and team showcase the new models in a natural ambiance. Playing with the narrative of achieving a symbiosis between landscape, architecture and beauty, the photo shoot adds gorgeous stylistics and a coherent selection of protagonists. You may notice tones of red as a dominant factor in the visual language, from the shoes all the way to hairstyles. What’s more, the premium eyewear designs from LINDBERG blended into the setting just so wonderfully, we couldn’t resist showcasing them on the cover again.

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»9628« & »Arnold«
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»9752«, »9752« & »Rui«

assistant MAX BÖTTGER
hair & make-up STEFANIE MELLIN
styling & all looks VONUWE
styling assistant ATIENO WOLTERS

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