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Dark acetate meet coloured Lenses in Lunor’s new A5 Sun collection

The colour Black has found its way into the fashion trends long long time ago. Particularly when it comes to clothing and accessories, the choice often falls on dark nuances that seem to disappear in the crowd: outfits become more discreet, colours become darker and the individual style tends to get lost.
Lunor is countering this trend with its new sunglasses collection A5 Sun, which shows its courage in the most colorful way: the new sunglasses collection of the classic A5 line has a persuasive colour concept that will make you shade your blacks.

Stylish, timeless and at the same time strong in character – instead of dark sunnies, Lunor uses coloured lenses in striking shades for this new A5 Sun line, so as to individually accentuate the style of the wearer.

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