LUNOR introduces exclusive new natural materials, fresh colours and Retro-Classics for 2021!

The Lunor B1 Horn – New Line, New Material
2021 is a special year for Lunor, which will be celebrated with an extraordinary new line: For the company’s 30th anniversary, the Black Forest eyewear manufacturer is launching a new eyewear collection made of the natural material horn, the B1.

B1 01 503
B1 02 501

With the B1, Lunor uses horn as a unique material in the collection and presents it in three different colour variations: black, light brown and mottled brown. The nature of the material makes each frame unique and ensures a comfortable and stable fit on the nose. The B1 gets its typical Lunor look from the original Lunor double-rivet hinge, which is integrated in all three shapes – two Panto variations and one anatomic.

LUNOR A13 – Contrasting Colours all the Way

Lunor’s design of the new A13 line focuses on clear colours and surfaces – bringing out the contours and contrasts of the new line. The new frames made of shiny polished acetate consist of a two-layer acetate plate in which deep black acetate meets another colour.

Highlight: the black acetate plate is finely removed by hand so that the individual layers appear raised and the noble colour contrast comes into its own – purist eyewear design in a new dimension. The A13 is available in square and anatomic shapes. The lamination with the black plate provides a strongly accentuated eye rim, which accentuates the brow area of the wearer.

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