MARKUS T // 2021 Collection Highlights

Eyewear by German brand MARKUS T is designed and manufactured with a passion for detail in the idyllic countryside town of Isselhorst. The company maintains an open-house approach to its headquarters, actively inviting partner opticians to visit and see the love in every step of the process. The team around founder and designer Markus Temming is especially committed to sustainability. As a result, MARKUS T ranks among the industry’s most engaged brands in this segment. That’s because the entire manufacturing process takes place under one roof; inside the refurbished liquor distillery the brand has transformed into a state-of-the-art facility. This eliminates lengthy supply chains and because all eyewear is made-to-order at the request of opticians, there is practically no surplus from manufacturing. What also makes MARKUS T sustainable is their exclusive focus on working with independent opticians while refusing to work with large-sized chains in our business.

Minding the ecological footprint also looms large over sourcing and processing. All materials and manufacturing processes are subject to constant evaluation and refinement in terms of efficiency and optimal use of resources. Then again, optimized processes and materials are very well. But how about creating stylish eyewear designs? It’s all part of the big picture at MARKUS T, since designs have constantly kept up with evolving tastes and the zeitgeist over part years. The results are fashionable, yet understated frame designs. Loud and flashy designs are the calling card of other brands. For MARKUS T, it’s all about a focus on essentials – both in terms of manufacturing and designs. For this issue’s Collection Check, the brand is showcasing two highlights each from the current collections Me Pur, Dot Mono and Ease.

Starting with the Me Pur Collection, it’s a creative exploration of a broad color spectrum. This variety is made possible by a new dying process, in which color pigments integrate deeply within the frame material. These raw components include Me Pur Titanium as well as TMI, a proprietary polymer developed by MARKUS T as a robust and at the same time lightweight frame material.  

Diving into the Dot Mono Collection, look forward to smart designs balanced by the brand’s typical, horizontally aligned temples. This feature adds a unique twist to the frames, all the while without appearing intrusive and making its mark mostly upon closer inspection. The delicate Dot Mono models are laser-processed from ultra-thin titanium sheet and fitted with screwless hinges. Super technical, highly understated.

And finally, the Ease Collection puts an emphasis on minimalism. For this reason, the collection is crafted from ultra-lightweight titanium. Adding to the low weight factor, the frames feature screwless hinges as well as a highly precise lens fitting mechanism. Although trimmed down in weight, the collection offers manifold customization options. Customers are free to choose titanium add-ons as well as lens contours crafted from TMI-Flex and two temple varieties, all together unlocking more than 20,000 individualization options for Ease Collection frames.  

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MARKUS T is also available on FAVR, come check it out!

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