MASUNAGA // 2021 Collection Highlights

»Orchid«, »Chord D« & »Eon«

MASUNAGA is one of the favourite brands among independent opticians. That’s because the Japanese label represents the skillful combination between traditional craftsmanship and modern-day design like very few others. Always with an eye for the most premium materials, executed with technical perfection. In this collection check, we take a closer look at the latest offering from the label commanding more than 100 years of manufacturing excellence. Once again, the brand based in Japan’s Fukui region delivers a unique blend of gorgeous designs and detailed finishes. Here’s our selection of six standout models – each a bit different, but every single one making a strong statement. Explore Japanese originals oozing with attitude, style and Japanese craftsmanship.

»Audrey« – Refined Elegance

Legendary actress Audrey Hepburn played muse to this refined stunner by MASUNAGA. The film and fashion icon has become synonymous with old Hollywood elegance. Her appearance in the cult film “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” is legendary because of her cat eye sunglasses. Accordingly, the elegant combination frame features a transparent acetate rim and shallow curved metal parts, fit for a leading lady. It also introduces new mature coloring. Featuring cut end-pieces, »Audrey« has a clean profile and maintains its light weight.

»Orchid« – Refreshing Design

The »Orchid« is a unique metal frame, somewhere in between a panto shape and a crown-panto shape, executed in all-metal construction. Its double front rim design creates spaces at the bridge and the upper rims and is inspired by the Japanese aesthetic of space. The »Orchid« features newly designed temples created with a motif from a lorgnette handle that was popular in the 19th century. Engraved arabesque patterns on both front and back of the hexagonal temple enhance the beautiful vintage elements.

»Bradbury« – Captivating Frame

The Bradbury Building is the oldest commercial building in Downtown Los Angeles. It is known for a magical Victorian-style atrium covered by skylights, open cage elevators, marble stairs and ornate iron railings. If you’ve seen the original movie “Blade Runner”, you’ve seen the Bradbury. The eyeglasses model of the same name is just as stunning as the architectural inspiration. The front part is mainly constructed with 0.6mm beta-Titanium sheet. By combining separate titanium components, the double front rim unlocks two-tone coloring and different color textures. The contrast between the ultra-thin rim and the thick decorative bridge also creates a unique design accent.

»Flatiron« – Ultimate Sophistication

The Flatiron Building is an impressive magnet for all visitors to New York City. Even today, the prime building designed at the advent of steel skyscraper construction makes an innovative statement. In the current MASUNAGA collection, the »Flatiron« pays tribute as a full-metal construction. The sharp, refined forms are realized by slimming down the overall proportions. The construction of the »Flatiron« once again proves the high level of craftsmanship and manufacturing expertise at MASUNAGA. Frame construction with many separate parts allows the frame to be multi-colored and to acquire different color textures.

»Chord D« – Delicate Chord

The »Chord D« is a hybrid shape, a rounded square shape with a harmonious overall look. The elegant design offers simple, yet sophisticated details that never go out of style. Plus, the »Chord D« is available in two versions: A pure titanium model, as well as a version blending a titanium frame with 18 karat gold. The temples are crafted from Gum Titanium, a highly elastic titanium alloy offering twice the elasticity of beta-Titanium. The gold version relies on the weight of massive gold at the temple tips for overall perfect balance.

»Eon« – Modern Look

An eon is an infinite period of time. And accordingly, the »Eon« model’s well-balanced oval shape is timely as well as timeless. The soft, oversized form language creates a minimalist look that will stand the test of time. The front section is mainly constructed with 0.6mm beta-Titanium sheet. The contrast between the ultra-thin rim and the thick decorative nose bridge creates a unique design accent. And here’s the best part: the »Eon« is available in both optical and sunglass versions, so it’s a perfect companion for every time of year.

»Audrey«, »Flatiron« & »Bradbury«

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