History In Detail // Look – Made in Italia Presents Materika Pure Acetate

Traditional eyewear mainstays LOOK – made in Italia are embarking on a journey back in time with their premium brand MATERIKA. Back to the 1960s and 1970s, to be precise. The corresponding Materika Pure Acetate reminisce on a historic moment when young people, rebellious and aware of their right to take back their own style, were the protagonists of the massive cultural and social changes. And from an eyewear perspective, this was a period during which it was fashionable to wear thick, dark, and well-defined frames. 

»75350«, »75351«, »75352« & »75353«

In search of inspiration, the designers drew on the designer eyewear brand’s archive of more than 40 years of eyewear designs. They emerged with four models that comprise the Materika Pure Acetate collection. And of course, as is the nature of MATERIKA collections, the two women’s models, one men’s and one unisex style all share the same high-end finish.

At LOOK – Made in Italia, designers take pride in the company’s special cellulose acetate which is superior to conventional acetate in terms of weightlessness, plasticity, and glossiness. Despite their significant thickness, these glasses are light and comfortable to wear, thanks also to the careful balance of their weight.

As a traditional eyewear company, LOOK – Made in Italia combines state-of-the materials and technologies with the craftsmanship of artisan processes such as traditional wheel polishing and satin finishing. The results are frames that contrast rounded and polished interior sections with the rigidity of the angular, plain, and multifaceted external surfaces. As is the case for all products, the Materika Pure Acetate models are made in transparent processes with local manufacturing entirely in Italy.

Find out more about LOOK – MADE IN ITALIA here or check out their Brand Profile at SPECTR.


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