New Products by LITHE Eyewear // Visibly Invisible

LITHE is an innovative German brand that combines sleek design with lightness. LITHE was born from the idea of encapsulating “lightness”, a concept meticulously achieved by utilizing the remarkable strength and flexibility of Beta Titanium. This unique alloy, sourced from Japan, can be made exceptionally thin while retaining its rigidity, resulting in frames that are comfortably light, resilient and uncompromising in their precision.

16041 & 16042

In keeping with their philosophy of “Visibly Invisible,” LITHE focuses on the wearer, creating designs that are urban, tasteful and pragmatic, in tune with today’s needs. They blend aesthetics and utility, accentuating the wearer’s personality without dominating it. An expression of a modern, forward-thinking ethos, their models are subtle yet striking and undeniably attractive.

SPECTR has selected two models here, 16042 and 16041. Both are a testament to LITHE’s innovative spirit. Model 16042, designed for women, is made of beta titanium with a patented nylon temple and bio-based acetate, embodying lightness, flexibility and a touch of futurism. Its seductively feminine lens shape is accentuated by four color interpretations, making it a pleasure to wear.


Frame 16041 tells a different story. With a bold lens shape, it walks the line between a contemporary urban look and a retro-inspired aesthetic with a modern, sporty twist. LITHE uses its patented nylon fixture for standard lens fitting, ensuring a time-efficient technical execution. The inclusion of IP coating and bio-acetate underscores LITHE’s commitment to quality.


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