New SPECTR Magazine Out! Welcome issue #37.

As every year, SPECTR kicks off with a new, freshly printed magazine issue featuring state-of-the-art fashion and collection shoots from around the world, interviews with industry greats, fascinating brand profiles, and much more. The cover of this issue is this time adorned by SILHOUETTE and their new The Wave models, which are an expression of the brand’s mindset. Brand Director Atissa Tadjadod gives an insight in an exclusive interview underlined with a special fashion collection shoot. We hope you enjoy browsing through SPECTR Magazine issue #37 and wish you a good start into the new year!

Empowered by Lightness // New Collections From SILHOUETTE

SILHOUETTE glasses have been synonymous with lightness since their inception. Unsurprisingly, this central tenet of their products also plays an important role in the premium brand’s new campaign in Austria. The new collections, LaLigne and The Wave are a perfect expression of SILHOUETTE‘s mindset, as brand director Atissa Tadjadod explains in our exclusive SPECTR interview.

Hi Atissa, you adjusted the brand image of your company in the past year. What is the new Motto?

“Empowered by lightness.” This claim is the basis of our marketing communications. It expresses our vision clearly, but it’s also very multifaceted.

What’s behind this newly discovered lightness? The topic of “light eyewear” isn’t really something new for SILHOUETTE, after all.

That’s true. Lightness has always been the core and also the most important aspect of our products. Each of pair of our glasses is noticeably unnoticeable right after you put it on. Now, though, we’re integrated this idea of lightness into our marketing communications in order to give this functional aspect of our products more of an emotional impact. We want to express lightness in many different ways, using it to bring more emotion to our brand. The new campaign we bring up some unfamiliar perspectives, presenting our products in a totally new and more modern Look […]


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