Ørgreen: Get Your Color On

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Danish eyewear brand Ørgreen presents a SS17 limited edition collection of sunglasses featuring round, color-tinted lenses in magenta, blue, orange and warm yellow. Taking its visual cue from Janis Joplin and the iconic Summer of Love of 1969, the five styles evoke a season of debaucheries enjoyed and remembered in your favorite hue. Get your color on invites you to cast your summer in the city in your own color – transforming the streets, the parks, and your personal expression into something more vibrant and vivid.

Juxtaposed with the minimalist elegance of Ørgreen’s classic panto-style sunglasses, the unisex collection gestures to the streamlined urbanism of tomorrow. Produced in thin titanium the frame feels lightweight despite its durability.

Ørgreen’s SS17 collection produce an interplay between history and technology, between nostalgia and futurism. Get Your Color On invites us to summon a spirit of a long-gone utopia as we take on the summer in style.

The capsule collection is available in selected stores and on Ørgreen-Kbh.dk now.


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