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Since 1997, Ørgreen Optics have strived for persistent innovation in the field of eyewear design. Combining technical innovation with a refined Nordic design sensibility, they have continued to elaborate their own brand philosophy as they’ve grown over the years. Most uniquely, Ørgreen has since its founding pioneered working with Japanese titanium as a material for eyewear design.

For Spring 2018, Ørgreen Optics innovates once more with the announcement of their new collection in acetate, the first of its kind by the brand. For this collection, the design team has embraced the popular cellulose acetate as a new working material. The hypo-allergenic plant-based plastic has been
used widely in the field of eyewear design since the 1940s, and is associated with many of the most classic looks in eyewear trends. Entitled Minimal Vintage, the collection sees acetate’s vintage feel extended into Ørgreen’s modern minimalist visual ethos, building a bridge between past nostalgia and innovation in contemporary eyewear design.

Characterized by its lightness, slight flexibility, strength, and color adaptability, acetate is an ideal medium to explore bold and ambitious color stories, a long-standing characteristic of Ørgreen’s products. Featuring five male, six female, and two unisex styles, the Minimal Vintage collection sees a fresh interpretation of classic trends in eyewear, while exploring our own minimalist design universe in an exciting new materiality. From the 1950s cat-eye Jill to the rectangular Matthew, Acetate allows for chunkier styles in a combination of transparent, gradient, and monochrome color stories, referencing both past and future of eyewear design. Running throughout the collection are elegant lines and a product of the utmost quality.

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Jill is a deep shape for females, taking its visual cues from cat-eye frames
of the 1950s. Ideal for medium-size faces, Jill is offered in six color stories,
ranging from the classic Black to more daring combinations like Cognac + Blue + Sand.

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»Lady Federica«

Lady Federica is a sharp classic style, softly leaning towards a cat-eye look.
Offered in six color stories, from the elegant Brown Tortoise and Brown + Honey to the bolder Cognac + Blue + Sand.

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Nick is a unisex style characterized by a minimalist round frame, taking its
inspiration from the classic acetate frames of the 1920s. Ørgreen’s treatment
sees the minimizing of its shape, making it an ideal fit for smaller faces of all
genders. Nick is offered in six elegant color stories, from Crystal and Olive to Brown Tortoise.

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