Red Bull SPECT Eyewear // Energize your eyes with Wing technology

Presenting Red Bull SPECT Eyewear, a leading producer of premium sports eyewear and blue light filter glasses, renowned for its enduring partnership and official global eyewear license with the esteemed Red Bull brand. This collaboration between two Austrian powerhouses blends Red Bull‘s dynamic innovation with MPG’s globally acclaimed optical expertise to craft cutting-edge eyewear solutions for active individuals worldwide. Adhering to the ethos of “for active people with style”, a distinctive optical collection encompassing sunglasses and blue light filter glasses has been meticulously curated for 2024, promising to redefine benchmarks in both design and functionality.

At the heart of this new collection lies the groundbreaking WING system, designed to empower wearers. The WING system ingeniously integrates two supplementary temple elements within a single frame, ensuring enhanced stability whenever needed. With a simple slide mechanism on the temple, a secondary curved metal element extends to conform around the ear, delivering a secure fit even during rigorous sports activities. This pioneering technology, tailored for high-intensity workouts, has undergone rigorous testing by elite Red Bullathletes worldwide.

The premium sports glasses from Red Bull SPECT Eyewear not only offer the highest functionality, but also an expressive design that emphasizes the personality of the wearer. From sunglasses & blue filter glasses to ski goggles and motocross goggles, the brand impresses with state-of-the-art technical features and is the perfect choice for style-conscious and active people who want to achieve top performance in every respect – “for active people with style”.

 “With almost 40 years of sports and lifestyle experience on the part of Red Bull and 75 years of optical expertise at MPG, Red Bull SPECT Eyewear embodies the perfect symbiosis for exceptional eyewear products. Our eyewear is designed in Austria and developed using state-of-the-art Austrian Eyewear Technology with design and innovation input from Red Bull to meet the highest customer demands. They are not only reliable companions for all types of sport, but also an expression of innovation and style outside of sport.”

Dietmar Hermus, General Manager of MPG

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